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ZOOM - Connect with Your Community

With the COVID-19 stay at home order and many physical businesses closing, online presences is more important than ever. JavelinIT is here to help. We specialize in website creation, online presence, social media, and marketing. We can get you the solutions you need fast.

Zoom is one of the solutions we are recommending. Online video conferencing is the next best thing to meeting in person. Actually in some ways, it's is even better than meeting in person. It can keep you connected to your community and potentially continue to allow you to charge for your services.

A few examples of businesses I have helped go online in March are are preschools. a middle and elementary school, martial arts instruction, musicians, and many more. Contact me and lets brainstorm some ways we can migrate your business online. It is probably easier and more affordable than you think.

Get ZOOM today. There is a very capable free versions (40 minute time limit) and paid versions.

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