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The Claremont Manifesto

The Democratic Club of Claremont

The Claremont Manifesto is designed to suggest a new vision and program to capture the hearts and minds of the American people.

It represents an appeal to Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike - to consider the renewal of the vision of the U.S. as a Commonwealth in which people of good will cooperate for the common good as well as for individual fulfillment. It asks them to consider a return to the view of our society first advocated by our nation's Founders: The view of America as a Commonwealth in which we all work together to create a better, more peaceful and just world for ourselves and for our children. Based upon a wide array of polls and other data, we are confident that this is a vision most Americans now share.

Too often, those of us engaged in trying to effect change focus only on one particular issue of immediate concern at a time. Too seldom do we lift our heads to look at the broader issue - just what sort of city or nation or world we really envision building for our children - and how our position on any specific issue fits into that larger, more comprehensive vision or narrative.

We have attempted in The Claremont Manifesto:

  • first, to articulate a clear vision,

  • then, to identify a series of critically important issues that need to be addressed to make that vision a reality, and

  • finally, to specify the fundamental principles upon which to base the specific programmatic policies needed to deal with each issue.


We hope that you will agree with us that this is a much needed and useful enterprise.

We offer it for your thoughtful reading and consideration. There are several format "flavors" of the document, any of which can be read on-line or printed. Just click on the line that suits your needs. Additionally, all versions begin with an executive summary which enables you to quickly get an overview of the document.


We sincerely seek your counsel as to the merits of what we have written. We encourage you to use the response form reached via this link to share your thoughts with us. This form also may be used to request that a bound, printed version be sent to you.

Finally, we also hope that you will be inclined to assist us in promoting and distributing The Claremont Manifesto.

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