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Information and Voter Registration Booths

If you can do a two hour shift at the Democratic table at the Claremont Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings from time to time (once a month would be appreciated), please contact Gar Byrum at (909) 621-9730.

If you'd like to help staff our booth in Memorial Park on July Fourth or our booth on Village Venture day on the last Saturday in October, please contact Carolee Monroe at (909) 626-8122. We need you - please help!!

Neighborhood Outreach

If you'd like to reach out to and socialize with other Democrats in your neighborhood to get them more politically involved please contact Gar Byrum at (909) 973-9730.

Technical Assistance

If you have programming or system administration experience and want to help out please contact Ned Freed at (909) 625 7933 x2.

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