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Macbook Pro Cannot Login. No Keyboard or Mouse. Asking for a Bluetooth Keyboard.

Macbook laptop error attach a Bluetooth keyboard.

A client called today with an issue of not being able to login to their Macbook Pro. They said the keyboard & mouse were not working. They also mentioned there was a message stating that the needed to attach a Bluetooth keyboard. The power button was working and could start and stop the mac. The client stated that they had no issues prior to today.

A quick search of google offered some pretty elaborate solutions, including opening the mac and replacing parts. The solutions? I asked them to run their hand over all the keys. This could free up a possibly stuck key. This must of freed the stuck key, as they shrieked with joy. So, if you happen to have this issue and come across this post in a google search, please give this tip a try before you dismantle your mac.

Alternatively, this could also be a very serious Apple Macbook Pro issue, which is a swelling battery. When the battery swells, it prevents the mouse from being able to click properly. If this is the case, you need to contact apple for a replacement laptop. This is a well known issue and apple is good about replacing these units if under warranty.

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