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Black Friday Bose Wave System IV

A client was downsizing her apartment and wanted a small, powerful AM/FM radio, CD player, and smart capable device for her home. After some research, I recommended the Bose Wave Music System.

This is a great room filling small music system, that checked all the boxes for her. Simple and elegant, this would keep her favorite CD music playing.

I told her to wait until Black Friday for a possible deal and boy did they deliver. This unit was $499.95 and dropped to $269.95 for Black Friday. She has not had a CD player for a while and is anxious to get grooving again.

If you happen to be seeking a small, wonderful sounding single unit cd player to play your Cd's, have a look.

Update: My client is a youthful senior who was not very technically savvy and hesitant to install this unit on her own However, as per my recommended specifications, the unit had to be dead simple to setup and use. With Covid, she decided to try and setup on her own. I am happy to announce that she got it up and running easily and is now filling her home with music.


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