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Vita Ukulele: Love at First Site

The pandemic has created a small boon to certain industries. For example, many people wanting to learn to play an instrument or learn to make baked bread. I am currently benefiting from both of these phenomenon's in my home. My wife has been busy during the pandemic. =)

In the search for a Ukulele for my wife, I started my education online to learn about the different types of uke's and get pricing. Although Target had some nice cheap options for beginning ukulele's, we wanted to support local business. So we stopped in to the family owned Folk Music Center in Claremont, CA. Love this place. If you are looking for any musical instrument, they probably have it. They also have a new website and are trying to do a small amount of online sales. However, their online selections is small at this point. That is ok, since this is a place you really want to visit in person. They are allowing customers in one at a time for lessons or service, but are limiting browsing due to the pandemic. So I recommend that you have an idea of what you want and give them a call before going,

My wife and daughter checked out their ukulele selection and both fell in love with the Ohana Vita Uku.

The Folk Music Center not only had competitive pricing, informed staff, and excellent customer service, they also service and tune all their instruments before selling. This was an added bonus I had not considered when online shopping. Now that is great customer service!

I am happy to report my wife is loving the new uke, practicing a bunch, and getting pretty good at it. I like that our house is being filled with music and warm bread during this time.

Folk Music Center Claremont, CA (909) 624-2928



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